CKCC Faithful Missions

  • Legion of Mary
  • Cursillo
  • Devotion to Mary
  • Support & Aid Savannah Diocesan Seminarians
  • Pastorate Guidance Assemble
  • Prayer Groups
  • Phone tree
  • Spiritual growth
  • Ministering the sick & homebound
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Etc.

The Columbus Korean Catholic Community was founded in 1982 with about ten Korean Catholics. These believers formed the first meeting at our first president of the CKCC's residence. At this meeting the multifarious church activities were discussed.

As of today there are about 50 members. Through the diligent faith, sweat, toil and prayers the CKCC purchased the spiritual minister building next to OLOL church.

The early days of the CKCC ministry in Columbus area, Atlanta Korean Martyrs Catholic Church's Korean priest travel to Columbus to minister and celebrate the mass in Korean once a month on the first Sunday of each month. Subsequently, since 2003 Masahn Diocesan of Korean priests in Korea is appointed to minister the Columbus and Augusta, GA Korean Catholic communities. Since the priest's regular visit to minister here in CKCC, the CKCC has gradually reached the stable plateau. 

 *CKCC publishes monthly bulletin to inform and reach the members of the surrounding communities.*

 CKCC  Columbus Korean Catholic Community

Mass is celebrated at 7:30 pm on the first Sunday of each month.

Columbus Korean Catholic Community

For Koreans, being Catholic means having high moral standards and a strong social conscience, based on the truth of our faith. The authority of the church, and the Bible and sacred tradition which she gives us are absolute, ultimate guides for us. 

Through the history of persecution and suffering, the Korean get their strong spirituality. The teachings and examples of the martyrs are strong sources of Korean spiritual strength.

We know and believe that Christ is our savior & Christ died for us. We know that there is no greater love than His.